Decision Day

Well, it’s here.  The day Americans head to the polls to decide the country’s course.  Many commentators have written that this election is the most important in memory.

I agree.  I believe the outcome of the election will fundamentally transform the relationship between the citizen and state for the next generation or two, perhaps beyond.   Four more years of Obama administration policy will alter the nature of government in a way that is not easy to undo.  The dynamics of bureaucratic stasis, regulatory capture and inertia tend to fix policies, even bad ones, in amber.  A republican running in 2016 will face a poorer country whose demographics are likely to be more hostile to conservative solutions, and whose productive citizens are seeking ways to escape, rather than improve, government.

As I wrote in my first post here on Independence Day earlier this year, lo those many months ago, 2012 is a consequential year.  It is the year we will decide whether limited government, individual liberty and free market solutions have a chance, or whether the remorseless march to technocratic, redistributionist Western European socialism proceeds apace.

Prediction:  Romney wins.  Not a landslide, but a mandate.  Outside the margin of improvised identification, voter assistance and helpful translation services.

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Conrad O'Connor is the nom de web of a tax lawyer working in Atlanta, Georgia.
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