Dos Papers in Uno

The Wall Street Journal’s talented Best of the Web writer James Taranto has a recurring bit titled “Two Papers in One” in which he juxtaposes contradictory stories from the same newspaper.  Today it’s Mr. Taranto’s own paper that earns my own Two Papers in One prize for its wishful thinking and evasions on immigration.  In an editorial last Thursday titled ¡Estimados Republicanos!, the paper lamented the GOP’s poor showing among Hispanics in Tuesday’s election.  According to the editorial, Hispanic immigrants are a natural GOP constituency: “aspiring people who believe in the dignity of hard work and self-sufficiency, and they are cultural conservatives.”

In the Corner on NRO, Heather MacDonald ably rebutted the hard-working, self-sufficient myth with actual facts.   The very next day the WSJ piled on, undermining the “cultural conservative” canard as well.  In a news story titled “Cuban Americans Move Left,” the paper explores why the U.S.-born children of Cuban immigrants are voting Democrat in greater numbers.  These are the very people the Journal’s editorial page regularly claims will become more Republican as they assimilate.  In particular it focuses on the political evolution of Mark Blanco, an Obama voter who grew up in a Republican household, whose “support for gay marriage and abortion rights made him feel uncomfortable in the GOP.”  Well, at least the WSJ still has the editorial page.

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