How About a Hostage Exchange?

President Obama’s denouncement of the GOP House for holding middle tax cuts “hostage” to tax cuts for the rich stirred fond memories.

It seems just like yesterday that the Democrats’ intensely heartfelt support for border security and immigration enforcement somehow was never quite enough to get them to actually pass any such measures.  Strangely enough, despite this fierce determination to seal the border and crack down on employment of illegals, liberals have instead sabotaged and undermined any and all actual proposals to do so.  This apparent contradiction between words and deeds was and remains a great mystery.  Immigration hawks had the temerity to allege that the liberals were holding border security hostage in exchange for amnesty.

I can only hope the Republicans’ absolute, unequivocal and enthusiastic support for retaining the Bush tax cuts for the 98% of non-billionaire Americans is every bit as sincere.  Here’s an idea.  How about the House pass an extension of the Bush middle-class tax cuts, combined with enhanced border security and mandatory E-verify.  Each side gets two things they both fervently want!  Win-win, win-win!

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Conrad O'Connor is the nom de web of a tax lawyer working in Atlanta, Georgia.
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