Targeting Spending Cuts at the Successful

Over at the Corner Yuval Levin posted about “means testing” an increase in the Medicare retirement age (i.e., higher income people will wait longer before becoming eligible), and pointed out that the proposal has a lot of support from liberal reformers.  I don’t doubt it.  This proposal is merely the latest example in what appears to be a concerted effort among the GOP and liberals alike to make sure that any actual spending cuts that get enacted are targeted at the responsible and successful.  Thank God he is getting some grief in the comments.

It seems to be a shared assumption that a “balanced approach” to addressing our fiscal crisis means, in practice, that makers will pay now, in higher taxes, and later, in denied eligibility for the lavish benefits they have funded for everyone else.  If there is a proposal out there that makes the bottom half of the income scale share in any of the “shared sacrifice” I haven’t seen it.  Apparently exploded food stamp eligibility, gutted work requirements for welfare, Obamaphones, perpetual unemployment benefits, and lifetime disability payments for the stressed out are with us to stay.

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