Tax Transparency #3

In the weekend’s ongoing series of recent tax tidbits that highlight the many ways in which governments go out of their way to conceal their true costs from taxpayers, I could not help but note the entirely foreseeable consequences of the Obamacare medical device tax.  Many device makers report that the tax will force them to raise prices, which will be charged to hospitals and insurance companies, who in turn will pass the cost along to patients as surely as day follows night.

The notion that this reaction was not eminently predictable is unpersuasive, to put it charitably.  Indeed, it follows the tried and true Obama approach.  Hide the cost of government by imposing those costs directly on an easily demonizable subset of the population.  When the target class responds by passing the costs along to consumers, taxpayers, patients, etc., affect mock horror and denounce the unbridled greed of the fat-cats resorting to loopholes to avoid paying their fair share.I assume they have a software program in the West Wing that spits these things out.

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