A Message from National Review

Jack Fowler, NR’s publisher and chief fundraiser, was kind enough to drop me a note recently imploring me to renew my subscription now, as the hour is late and the crisis is upon us.  The lead paragraph reads in its entirety:

These are disturbing times.  Hillary Clinton’s lies are staggering in number, breathtaking in scope, frightening in consequence – and get a pass from a gutless FBI.  The Justice Department thinks bathrooms-for-creeps is a civil right.  Obama and Kerry follow the Iran Deal with a $400-million ransom chaser.  Economic growth remains pitiful.  ISIS “lone wolves” slaughter Americans.  Black Lives Matter activists wage war on cops.  Triggered Social Justice Warriors channel Chi-Com cultural revolutionaries as they fight free speech, and pillory all who refuse to genuflect at the altar of the Church of Climate Change.

Wow.  Sounds serious.  And yet despite these many terrible threats, Jack’s magazine has spent the better part of the last year doing everything in its power to get Hillary Clinton elected.  I’m sure it must be due to space limitations, but nowhere does Jack’s letter get around to mentioning some guy named Trump, much less NR’s ongoing jihad against him.

Seriously, who is this letter targeted at?  Subscribers who haven’t bothered to read the magazine or visit its website in a long time?  People who respond viscerally to “Chi-Com”?  The letter indicates NR has a pretty low opinion of its subscribers’ intelligence.  Considering I’ve been giving these poseurs money for 30 years, maybe they’re on to something.

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