On the Other Side

As a proud and constant critic of the NeverTrump surrender caucus run out of the offices of the Weakly Standard and National Review, I have been watching their websites this morning to see how they will process the happening of the one thing they insisted could never ever happen.  No actual mea culpas so far, just a few grudging admissions of the “well maybe we were a little bit wrong and hopefully the Cheeto Jesus you Nazis voted for won’t be as awful as we know he will” variety.

And then there is Dan McLaughlin, who, applying the keen grasp of politics his colleagues have become famous for, has announced that now is the time for True Conservatives to make common cause with liberals to confront a Trump administration.  To modify Glenn Reynolds’ running refrain to describe the “anti-war” protesters who dogged George W. Bush: they aren’t anti-Trump, they’re just on the other side.

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