Should Hillary Be Prosecuted?

As tempting as it sounds, my answer is no.  Sometimes the best thing for a democracy is to let people get away with it.  Prosecuting the former regime is the way things go in the Third World, and it is a dangerously slippery slope to start down.  This is especially true in the U.S., where all sorts of innocuous actions can be trumped up into criminal charges.  The prosecutions of Rick Perry and Tom Delay, and the investigation of Scott Walker leap to mind.

This solicitude should not extend to the underlings.  Unscrupulous leaders can do wrong only if their lackeys are willing to go along.  If the evidence shows Cheryl Mills or any other Hillary lieutenants committed any crimes in their cover-up of Hillary’s secret server, then they should be prosecuted and go to prison.  And street thugs like Robert Creamer and Scott Foval should be thoroughly investigated by Trump’s DOJ.

I suspect President Obama will be issuing lots of pardons.  Lots and lots of pardons.

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Conrad O'Connor is the nom de web of a tax lawyer working in Atlanta, Georgia.
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