More Bipartisanship: Goldberg, Brooks and Dems Agree That Old White People Just Need To Die

Over at the Corner Ramesh Ponnuru notes that Democrat Ed Kilgore agrees that the Democrats have not had much to say to working class whites other than “Please, hurry up and die off.”

I knew that sounded familiar.  Why, that’s exactly what Jonah Goldberg had to say in the October 29, 2016 G-File.  He didn’t say it directly (these things are best handled sotto voce).  Instead, he merely echoed David Brooks’ optimism for the future and linked to a Brooks column.  And what is the basis for Brooks’ optimism?

But I confess I’m insanely optimistic about a conservative rebound. That’s because of an observation the writer Yuval Levin once made: That while most of the crazy progressives are young, most of the crazy conservatives are old. Conservatism is now being led astray by its seniors, but its young people are pretty great. It’s hard to find a young evangelical who likes Donald Trump. Most young conservatives are comfortable with ethnic diversity and are weary of the Fox News media-politico complex.

Ah, we just need to wait until all those old GOP bigots die off and the kids who are cool with diversity take over.  Who says Conservatism Inc. and the Democrats can’t agree on anything?

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